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Each of our featured IVA organizations (down the page ) provides IVAs and in many cases other debt solution choices.

Each provider recorded below is a member of a few of the principal debt solution provider trade institutions (DRF and DEMSA). DRF and DEMSA members have committed to using at a level of standards over minimum levels set by authorities and also have consented to outside audits of the professional services they are providing.

The featured organizations are represented in our IVA forum with one of the own experts. It is also possible to read personal profiles of these experts, the IVA firm they work for, and interviews using them as to how they operate.

Each featured IVA company has been carefully chosen:

Using our knowledge of the IVA – market and our connections within a, we select IVA businesses that have good reputations.

Having identified an IVA company that has a good standing we have seen their offices to satisfy their elderly employees. At these meetings, we have asked question connects to the manner they operate, their ethos towards clients, and the procedures they use in managing an IVA.

Interviews were also conducted throughout those visits which you can read with this website. We feel that the questions we have asked will offer you a unique reference factor of selecting an IVA company that’s well suited to assist you. The issues regarding their processes, in particular, may allow you to understand what the reality of coping together with this IVA company throughout the arrangement would be.

After our investigations, interviews, and visits we’re satisfied that all advocated IVA company is appropriately professional, organized and motivated to offer the maximum degree of service and care. We’re also satisfied that every IVA company we urge is committed to treating their customers with understanding and respect at a difficult fiscal time.

We are also satisfied that the IVA systems and processes at every firm are inserted into their services to provide consistency within their delivery of IVA services. They will have the tools in place to maintain standards in the future.

Finally, we receive feedback from people to the site who’ve gone on to use the assistance of each advocated provider. If any of them were to get warranted negative feedback, our recommendation would be removed.