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A woman’s body differs from the body of a man. Is it usually considered that a man’s body is more strong, muscular and hard while of a woman is more delicate and less muscular? A man is more likely to encounter facial hair and chest hair while a female’s body will not experience these unless a hormonal imbalance takes place. A man’s voice is much more coarse and deep as a woman is more high pitched.

Not only these outside looks but the internal features also differ. Certain body parts such as the uterus exist in females but not in males while the evaluations occur in men only. Girls have distinct stimulating zones on the body as compared to males and women understand each other’s body more than males do. That is the reason why lesbian massages such as the London Nuru massage have gained popularity.

Benefits of sensual massages:

Sensual massages are a sort of relaxation, rejuvenation and satisfaction. Many doctors and therapists advise their patients to try these sensual massages too. This form of massage has several benefits such as

· It activates the body and energises it.

· It plays an important role in the healing of the Human Body

· Pleasures, particularly sexual are provided to the Customer

· It hastens body orgasm

· It plays an important role in treating distinct sexual disorders as well

· It provides relaxation to the Customer

The London Nuru massage hires some of the best masseurs accessible keeping in mind the satisfaction and the comfort of the clients. The clients should have a wonderful experience. The interior decoration and aroma of the parlours will also be pleasing and attractive, which set the mood for the massage and relax the mind. Disturbance such as the use of cellular telephones and other gadgets should be performed with through the massage, for the best experience.